Something different …


I thought I made a promising start on my writing blog and then I seemed to run out of steam. Now, I have another idea. Currently my long-time interest in photography has been rekindled so maybe I can use this space to help motivate myself to be productive photographically. I have a great many photos I could post, but at the moment I have a new interest in long exposure photography. I have been reading a great deal on the subject – there is much to learn – and have taken tentative steps to start taking photos. I think I will take what feels like a risk to me and post some of my efforts here. My pattern, of course, is to read, and read, and read, and never do anything.

Anyway, here are a couple of my first attempts. The first was taken when I stepped out of my car having gone downtown to take some long exposures of buildings, and saw this incredible sunset peeking out from under what had all day been a heavy cloud cover. I had forgotten my tripod (see how I sabotage myself) so I rested my camera against a utility pole. This is the first thing I saw:


The light changes pretty quickly at this time of day – this is just a few minutes later:


Technically it’s not the greatest shot – there are some kind of visual artifacts in the sky and there’s too much foreground – but otherwise I think I got lucky.



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