Who I Am and Why I’m Here


They suggested I write a post, supposed to be my first (which it’s not), about the above. So here it is.

Why am I doing this? There’s something narcissistic about having a img_0689blog. Essentially I’m writing in a blog rather than, say, a diary because I want other people to read and enjoy what I write. Writing a blog carries the assumption (or hope) that I have something worthwhile to say, which is, of course, presumptuous.

I used to say when I was younger and wrote a good deal for school or for work, that I could write fairly well. At this stage of my life, it has been a long time since I have written anything of consequence. This presumes that my former writings may have been “of consequence”. They may have been so within the context in which they were written. In school, I generally received good marks for my writing. In a work environment, where I wrote a great deal for many years, my writing was technical, cogent and clear.

My style has usually been to have no interest in writing drafts. I write, correcting as I go, and when finished, skim for obvious typos and the like, and let it go.

Who am I? Hah! Like most people, I am many people. More helpfully, perhaps, I am a retired, married white guy, a Yankee living in the state where the Civil War began. There is much grist for my mill in that sentence. Stay tuned to find out what I mean.